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Is your business positioned to take full advantage of the Internet? Does your company find itself losing market share to competitors who have effectively integrated the Internet into their business strategy? Have you ever been unable to attend an event due to time constraints, weather, cost, or other factors? Do you wish that you could bring the event to you or your staff? Bay Technology Group will work with your company to identify and evolve key areas of your business to take advantage of efficiencies the Internet can offer.

B2C (Business to Consumer):
Transform your company's traditional brick and mortar environment to one that will create an online purchasing experience that will keep customers coming back for more

B2B (Business to Business):
Design and implement a solution between your business partners to decrease operating costs, increase access to information, improve cash flow, and decrease cycle times

C2C (Consumer to Consumer):
Provide an exchange or auction environment to help develop a platform that will allow consumers to interact directly with other consumers in an open market

Define an effective multi-media marketing campaign while integrating the Internet into your existing plan

Identify new business opportunities that may now be available to you via the Internet, while designing and implementing new services to expand your business or improve on existing service offerings

Enable those who cannot attend an event due to time and cost restraints to view streaming or on demand media of business meetings, trade shows, training sessions, concerts, or athletic events

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