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Do you seem to continue to lose key IT staff after spending time and money on training? Is it difficult for your company to maintain all the skills needed to operate your systems with the limited staff you have available? If you are asking these or similar questions about your business, Bay Technology Group can provide the stability and reliability you are looking for through our Outsourcing services outlined below.

Full Service Management Information Systems (MIS) Department:
Let us deal with system integration, vendor management, hardware/software upgrades, network security, web/application development, and network/database issues, while you focus on your core business

On-Site, On-Phone & On-Line Technical Support:
Customized technical support to meet your needs; up to 24 hours per day

Trouble Ticket System:
Track problems and service request progress online; 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

Data Back-up, Restore & Disaster Recovery Services:
Implement data backup strategy to ensure minimal data loss in the case of a disaster

WebSite Hosting & Administration:
Packages include virtual, dedicated, and co-location hosting with the ability to accommodate small businesses to major corporations

Application Hosting & Administration:
Reduce licensing and administration costs through remote access to office applications, databases, groupware (e-mail, calendar, task, contacts) and enterprise applications (virtual, dedicated and co-location application hosting)

Hardware/Software Sales & Procurement Services:
Stay up to date with the latest hardware and software, while walking you through the vendor selection process from purchasing to product delivery

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